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About Us

SAFONIA is a 501(c)(3) treble ensemble dedicated to the synergy of music, passion and excellence.

Safonia was formed in the Summer of 2004 by Marla Wasson, who remained Safonia's Artistic Director until 2023.  The small focus group of individuals had diverse experiences in local and national choral music, choral music administration and production. They created Safonia, the long-term vision for the group, and set the stage for growth throughout these first stages of existence

Safonia consists of singers of all ages and interests who share a common goal to experience true musical excellence.

Our over-riding goal is to create a seamless blend between all members without diminishing the amazing passion and creativity each singer brings to the group. Musicianship is enhanced by repertoire selection of both classical and non-classical works. Safonia strives to bring a transcendent grace to each note, line and composition we perform.

We welcome new input and opportunities to perform in addition to our concerts. We look forward to collaborations with all types of groups in the Denver area.

Our 2017 Christmas album Merry and Bright is available for purchase on iTunes.
You can also listen on Spotify and YouTube.


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