The antithesis of a "diva", Cathy is still a Soprano. With a quiet demeanor and crystal-clear vocal quality, Cathy is an invaluable asset to the Safonia sound. Cathy has sung with many choirs, both big and small. As an alumnus of Wichita State University, Cathy participated in the music program there while getting her engineering degree. During the day, Cathy works as an industrial engineer.


Allie began singing in church choirs from the ripe age of 3. She sang in both a chamber choir and small jazz ensemble in high school that took her to Russia. Allie majored in Theatre Arts at Illinois Wesleyan University where she was classically trained as a vocalist so as to be flexible across genres. She was a professional theatre artist and musician for 15 years. She loves to sing jazz standards, blues, folk, and impersonate Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury, but musical theatre will always hold a deep spot in her heart. In addition to singing, Allie has been playing piano since she was 5, and her list of instruments keeps growing.


Anne fell in love with singing at an early age and it is a love affair that has never subsided. She studied music at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN, where she was a member of several choirs as well as played various opera roles. Being a native of Chicago, Anne has spent the last 16 years in Denver working for Jeffco Public Schools. Currently a school administrator, Anne is thrilled about the opportunity be back engaging in her first passion of singing in an choral ensemble.


Sarah thinks singing feels good. Preferably singing loud, barefoot, and with good friends. She knew she had found her dream job when coworkers commented that she was singing while she worked. Sarah is and will always be so grateful for any opportunity to share music with others. "Once upon a time, when women were birds, there was the simple understanding that to sing at dawn and to sing at dusk was to heal the world through joy." -Terry Tempest Williams


Known for her throaty alto and soulful vocal style, Finessa brings more than just sex appeal to Safonia, she lends us panache as well. With choral music experience as diverse as the University of Oklahoma Chorale, the Stoughton Community Players I Stoughton, WI, and the Denver Women's Chorus, Finessa finds herself pushing the theatrical influenced performance every time we step into the spotlight. Her understanding of the socio-political climate of our times helps us to understand and interpret our music in light of our ever-changing world.


A beautiful mezzo-soprano with a robust mid-alto range and a clear bel canto soprano, Jeanne joined Safonia to challenge herself and experience a different kind of music making. Jeanne has also sung with the Denver Women's Chorus and in the small ensemble Take Note. Her work with Habitat for Humanity feeds her cat and dog and keeps her construction skills fairly sharp during the summer months.


When Megan walks into a room, you know it! Her contagious energy and laughing smile encourages everyone to enjoy whatever is happening around them. Her parents were singers and performers, which prodded Megan to want to also sing and perform. Megan sang with a women's ensemble that travelled to Carnegie Hall for a spectacular performance her junior year of high school, trained operatically at the University of Wyoming while singing in the women's chorus, and finally co-founded a women's a capella ensemble with several friends as a way to enjoy even more genres of musical performance. Safonia is lucky to have her enthusiasm and musical knowledge -- now if she'd just be on time to rehearsal ...


Raised in Aspen, Colorado, Lee found her voice during the great "folk scare" of the early 70s and began singing professionally with her 8th grade teacher in coffeehouses, pizza joints and hootenannies at the age of 14. After high school, she headed east where she studied voice and audio recording at Boston's Berklee College of Music and later, settled down in Nashville as a published singer/songwriter and 10-year veteran of Nanci Griffith's Blue Moon Orchestra. More recently in Denver, Lee has performed with the Denver Womens Choir and their small ensemble group Take Note and is beyond excited to get to "lay down the bottom" as one of Safonia's newest Alto 2s.


A woman of many talents, Lila has a voice that can capture any audience’s attention and a personality to match. Which is why it is no surprise this talented singer directed and sang with the Vanderbuilt University's all female a capella choir, The Swingin' Dores. Her love for music began when she joined the middle school choir in her home town in New Jersey, then playing trombone and tenor sax in the concert band, marching band and jazz band. When Lila isn't singing with the choir you just might be lucky enough to catch her at a local Karaoke bar showcasing her favorite Sarah MacLauchlan song.


Brooke is a singularly talented composer, singer and all-around musician. As one of the founding members of Safonia, Brooke has enjoyed growth and friendship through the years. She has arranged a number of pieces and composed a few originals for Safonia, including "Oceans" for the Water concert, which was based on a poem her mother wrote as a child. In her spare time, Brooke is a singer-songwriter who can be seen playing guitar and singing at various locations throughout the Denver area. Her day job is helping individuals obtain work/life balance, which is evident in her ability to be a successful professional and accomplished musician.


Another founding member of The Bettys -- the University of Wyoming's female a capella group. Rebecca is one of those "stealth" singers ... one who may not look like she can take over a performance, but then does when you least expect it. With her high school choir experience at Ralston Valley as a student of Jeff Talley, an all-state choir participant as a Soprano II and performances with the University of Wyoming choirs, Rebecca is a wealth of talent and knowledge in the Soprano II section. She loves her fellow singers for their willingness to work for a high level of musicianship while enjoying the experience along the way. Rebecca is the kind of singer Safonia was made for, and we're happy to have her on board.


The best words to describe this talented musician are "well-rounded" and "experienced." As a Baritone in a competitive barbershop group, Christmas Madrigal cast member, Soprano I in the Roosevelt University Choir and Colorado Chorale, Faith is skilled in any number of musical genres. As the lead singer in the local blues soul band Velvet Compass, Faith continues to pursue her love of music in all areas of her life.


Given Karen's generally serious demeanor as a singer, you would never suspect that she began her vocal career singing songs by Barbara Mandrell & The Mandrell Sisters with her own sister in their family's living room. Karen has since sung in choirs her entire life, including all-state choruses, community chorales, church choirs and all women ensembles. In addition to performing in Carnegie Hall with one of her university choirs, Karen has sung in other countries including Venezuela, Spain and Poland. She is thrilled to have found a choral home with Safonia, and loves singing with all of her Safonia sisters. When not asking for the memorization schedule from Marla or preparing Marla's set list for Safonia's performances, Karen serves as a teacher educator in Colorado.



Erin is another woman for whom the call of musical excellence came early. Erin began playing piano at an early age and discovered her love of choral music in high school. When she is not writing software or singing with Safonia, Erin rides her bike over mountains and across the plains of Colorado and Kansas; she looks forward to another 3,000 miles on her bike! Erin has sung with the Denver Women's Chorus, and has participated in all levels of musical ensemble performance in her career. Erin contributes to Safonia as our web mistress, skilled in the dark arts of making things appear and disappear on the Internet.


Caitlin's musical influences are so many and diverse it's hard to know where to start. She sings backups for the Matt Nasi Band; she works with a group of local thespians and other choir members created by Mitch and Kristen Samu; she helped create, and sang in, the a capella group The Bettys and sang in the women's Bel Canto chorus at the University of Wyoming; and claims to have been singing in auditioned choirs since eighth grade in Colorado Springs. Backing vocals, vocal percussion, Soprano in almost every group she has performed with except Safonia -- Caitlin fits right in. She counts the diverse music of Adele, the Civil Wars, Grace Potter, Little Big Town and Maddie and Tae as favorites in her playlist right now.


Ever since her first lesson in kindergarten, Allison has never gone more than six months without being involved in a school or community band or choir. Music, along with hiking and biking, helps keep a balance with her work in affordable housing. A fine instrumentalist as well as vocalist, Allison has become a rock in the Alto section of Safonia.


A product of the wonderful music program at Centaurus High School, Laura participated in the women's choir as well as show choir. Selected for the 1999 Colorado All-State Women's choir and the 2000 Colorado All-State Mixed Choir, Laura brings a powerful mix of skilled sight-reading, enthusiasm and a love of women's ensemble music to Safonia. Serving as Safonia's Assistant Artistic Director has enable Laura to expand her leadership and teaching skills. She brings an entirely different element to the Safonia sound with her abilities.


We believe that Caroline Yates was one of the original Sirens -- the women that Odysseus and his men had the pleasure of listening to on their great voyage -- because her musicianship and ethereal range seems so effortless, you could listen to her sing all the time. Youth chorus, high school choirs and the College of William and Mary women's chorus all have helped Caroline to hone her skills. Some of her fondest memories are singing with the Cleftomaniacs -- an a capella ensemble at W&M. Training for marathons and hiking vie for free time after Caroline's work with the community organization The Blue Bench, Denver's sexual assault prevention and care center.


Adria's love of music started as a young child when she and her dad would sing duets to the oldies on road trips with the family. She was classically trained on the violin at 5 and began singing around that age as well. She has performed in a number of settings including musical theater, small chamber choirs, show choirs, acapella groups, large university and community choirs and as a singer/songwriter and guitar player for a number of bands throughout the years. As a licensed clinical social worker working in Aurora Public Schools, she understands that the world needs the healing power that music. She participates in Choral music to put positive, loving energy into the world for herself and others. Adria was welcomed into Safonia in January of 2018 and she feels honored to sing along side such wonderfully talented and inspiring women.