I heard your group sing at the Sunday Service of First Unitarian Society of Denver. I have sung with with the Houston Symphony Chorale, The New York Choral Society, the Greenwich Choral Society, the Oratorio Society of New York, and 2 groups in Austin, Texas. I have heard wonderful choral groups, including the Kings Singers performing in Berlin in 1984. I know good choral music when I hear it. And your performance on Sunday was the best I have ever heard. It moved my heart almost to tears. It was absolutely astounding. Your stage presence was impressive, and your blend exquisite. I hope to make all of your concerts. Thank you so much. I look forward to meet each of you, as I enjoyed your short bios.

-- Don Stone, Thursday, December 5, 2013


...The women's choir Safonia (also directed by Wasson) joined the program for a brief set and really stole the show in terms of high-quality vocalism and blend. They began with an antiphonal (placed in different locations within the church) version of Eleanor Daley's arrangement of Ubi caritas, Where There is Love, and after the singers out in the house processed toward the stage, the balanced unison blend broke into a final, stunning polyphonic "amen". An arrangement of 20th-century German composer Franz Biebl's gorgeous Ave Maria followed, and, in this work, Safonia produced a sound greater than their modest numbers and colored each phrase beautifully. Safonia joined the Ringers and the Chorale in a final set, and the program ended with a bombastic and joyful Adeste Fideles. The Arvada Chorale sang White Christmas as an encore, and this sentimental song was a fitting close to this homespun and warm evening of Christmas music.

-- from Ruth L. Carver's review of the Arvada Chorale Home For the Holidays concert, December 26, 2013


Thank you very much for sending the video of your choir's performance of Ave Maris Stella. I thought the Safonia sang beautifully, very musical interpretation and gorgeous sounds from the choir. Please convey my deep appreciation to the choir and the conductor who did a fabulous job. From the video I learn how one can play inside the upright piano from your accompanist--priceless. I am amazed that you and the choir members memorized the music (looks like for the whole concert)! What commitment and dedication. Bravo!

-- Ka Nin, composer of Ave Maris Stella about the Ave, Alleluia, Amen concert, May 20, 2015