"What does the word Safonia mean?" The name of our group is a made up word, sort of a cross between the word 'Sappho' (Goddess of music) and Symphonia (a small chamber ensemble, generally associated with Renaissance music.) The word 'Safonia' is fluid but somehow familiar. Since it's a made up word we get to make up the definition as well. I think our mission statement works as a good starting point "SAFONIA is a women's vocal ensemble dedicated to the synergy of music, passion and excellence."

"When does Safonia have concerts?" We do three to four concerts per year, which we produce ourselves.

"Where can I get tickets?" Tickets are available from the website, from members and rarely at the door the night of the concert.

"What kind of music does Safonia do?" We do all kinds of music, but only music which is challenging to the group and fits our mission statement. We have classical leanings, but perform spirituals, original compositions from group members, music that is not done by most other women's groups in Denver with an emphasis on women's music. We will rarely, if ever, sing a lot of country/western, madrigals, opera or pop music.

"When do you rehearse?" Tuesday evenings from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at First Mennonite Church, Denver

"How big is the group?" 20-24 singers.

"Is this a community chorus?" No, it is not. Safonia is an auditioned non-for-profit entity.

"What do auditions consist of?" Vocal testing, pitch matching, sight-reading rhythms and music. All in all, the audition should take 10 minutes.

"Where are auditions and rehearsals?" First Mennonite Church, Denver. We will be notifying you of the audition location via e-mail as soon as we know.